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001  Empowered to Lead: Women in Higher Education Leadership and Mentoring Conference
Wednesday 5/16/20187:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Price: $115.00
Class Full

Location: Alumni Foundation Event Center

For more information contact: Dr. Sherrice Allen or Ericka Gonzalez-Smith, 336-285-2471 or 336-285-4905


NC A&T ADVANCE-IT and the Center for Leadership and Organizational Excellence (CLOE) will host an annual women’s leadership and mentoring conference on NC A&T’s campus. The focus of this initiative is to empower female administrators, faculty, and staff in areas of leadership and to cultivate a mentoring environment.  The conference will also draw men who desire to serve as advocates for their female colleagues and seeking additional knowledge on leadership and mentoring in the academic setting.  Through this initiative we hope to:

  1. Provide a venue for faculty, and administrators, across various campuses, to share scholarship, research, and best practices around women’s leadership.
  2. Foster greater self-efficacy, awareness, and leadership development for women in higher education.
  3. Inform best practices for women in leadership roles by exploring race, gender, equity, and intersectionality.
  4. Empower collaborative efforts across attendees that may result in research, scholarship, and program development. 

Who should attend:

The conference is open to women and men in higher education:

  • Faculty (Tenured/Tenure-Track/Non-Tenured)
  • Senior-level Administrators (Chancellors/Presidents; Faculty Affairs Vice Chancellors/Vice Presidents; Deans)
  • Department Chairs/Heads
  • Division Chairs/Heads
  • Program or Project Directors
  • Faculty Development Coordinators
  • Staff (EHRA and SHRA)

  Conference Themes and Tracks: 

Theme 1:  Innovate:
Within the last couple of years, emphasis has been placed on “Innovation.”  So, why is the concept of “innovation” so important in higher education?  The world and our communities are in a state of constant change; likewise, technology and industry are rapidly being redefined.  As educators, we help to shape the next generation of leaders to solve problems to come using technology that is yet to be invented. Innovation in teaching, research and program development, will support the next generation of leaders.
Track 1: Innovative Teaching and Learning with a focus on Community Engagement
Sessions for this track will focus on innovations in teaching and learning featuring novel technological, disciplinary, integrative, and community-based approaches for enhancing teaching and learning in higher education.   The primary focus of sessions in this track should highlight how leadership plays an active role in teaching, learning and community engagement (on and off campus). While also addressing the role of the community as a leader and teacher in community engagement thereby answering questions such as:  What is the model for engaging a community for the purpose of learning from the community?” What groundbreaking ideas or solutions can the community share with its’ educators to move the community forward?
Track 2:  Scholarship and Research
In higher educational settings, scholarship and research are the hallmarks of scholarly productivity and serve to advance universities into national prominence that culminates when new innovations are presented outside the hallow halls of academia. In this session, presenters will explore best practices for the integration of scholarship and research. In addition, the presenters will provide strategies for building and sustaining a research agenda that will meet the needs of their institution, funding agencies, and society while remaining global leaders and innovators.  
Theme 2:  Collaborate:
Collaboration allows stakeholders to work together for a common goal or purpose. In higher education, collaboration is paramount for building a lasting legacy of academic excellence, global thinkers, and financial stability.  It is through collaboration, that higher educational institutions foster a level of relational capacity necessary for working together, sharing power, and implementing a university’s strategic plan. Institutions must become equipped to build a diverse and inclusive workforce prepared to handle the growing economic, cultural and intellectual demands of the 21st century.
Track 1: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
In higher education, as we look at our classrooms, labs, and workforce the university population is becoming more diverse.  A diverse workforce combines individuals from different backgrounds and experiences that together create a more creative, innovative, and productive space.  In order to experience the benefits of diverse spaces, we need to cultivate intercultural awareness with intentional and ongoing engagement along with diversity in people, curriculum, and our communities.  In this session, presenters will discuss unique and proven strategies that support and empower leaders, at all levels, by cultivating mindsets that support diversity, inclusion, and equity thereby ensuring that all have a seat at the table.
Track 2:  Building a Leadership Pipeline through Mentorship and Coaching
Through mentoring or coaching faculty and administrators, find guidance and support for career decisions.  In this session, presenters will provide insight into the common types of mentoring and coaching that occurs in higher educational settings.  Presentations will focus on best practices shown to enhance the impact of mentoring or coaching employed to aid those transitioning to leadership positions in higher education.
Theme 3:  Impact:
There is an old adage that goes “When you know better, you do better”. Well, we would like to think that it could also be used as “When you feel better, you do better”. When we focus on the overall “woman”, we are ensuring that she is equipped with tools that will empower her on campus, in her department, and/or classroom to make a difference.

Track 1:  Wellbeing, Inspiration, Aspiration
As leaders and mentors, women find themselves giving and supporting others at the expense of their greater well-being. They often operate at a deficiency not knowing how or where to refuel, refresh and renew.  Sessions in this track will focus on restoration of the “Whole Woman” as it relates to proper health and wellness, setting and meeting tangible goals, and knowing how to say "no" and when to ask for help resulting in increased confidence and a positive self-image.
Track 2:  Advancing Women in Leadership
Women very seldom share how they arrived to their place in leadership.  Far too many have not dared to be the pathfinder by blazing a trail that others can follow.  Though women are prone to credit their success to sheer luck, it has been shown that hard work and perseverance brings women to the top of their respective fields.  Sessions in this track will feature strategies for building a network of allies, advocates, and promoters that will assist in shaping your own journey and path in uncharted territories while developing and/or enhancing your brand in academia.

Refund Policy:

Full refund available until April 11, 2018

50% refund available until April 25, 2018

No refund available after April 26, 2018


Poster Abstract: Poster Abstract Submission

Interactive Breakout Session: Interactive Breakout Session Proposal Submission 

The abstract and proposal submission site will close on March 1, 2018, at 11:59 pm.

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